Projects completed in 2007:


1. Implementation of epoxy coating on the tube plates and water chambers of Unit 3 condenser at the TPP “Contour Global Maritsa East 3” AD;

2. Installation of chemical scrubber at “Svilotsel” AD, in collaboration with “Lenzing Technik”;

3. Cabling and installation of electrical equipment and instrumentation on the chemical scrubber at “Svilotsel” AD.


Projects completed in 2008:


1. Delivery and installation  of  six (6) filters for circulation water at the 5VC11,12, 13NO01,02 at Unit 5 – “Kozloduy” NPP EAD;

2. Replacement of wearing parts of the PR-BW800 type filters for circulation water at the CPS 4, “Kozloduy” NPP EAD;

3. Cleaning the condenser tubes of Turbine 1 and 4 at the TPP “Contour Global Maritsa East 3” AD;

4. Installation of turbine generator PR -8.8/4 type at “Svilotsel” AD;

5. Electrical installation works and I&C for the Generator connection and commissioning.


Our company has defended, possesses and implements Quality Management System EN ISO 9001:2008



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